#1 Worst iPhone BATTERY Drainer (You Need To Know This!)

David & David tell you about the #1 #iPhone #battery drainer. It’s something you’ve probably never heard of! Fortunately, it’s easy to identify and fix.

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43 thoughts on “#1 Worst iPhone BATTERY Drainer (You Need To Know This!)

  1. Thank you both for all the interesting and informative advice. By the way I owned a 6s, for just over 4 years, and I recently gave it to my granddaughter. I never experienced a single problem with it. 👍😄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  2. I keep privacy to tracking and switch tracking off.

    Also a big drainage on battery is when raise to wake phone is turned on…If you leave this on than the phone will continue Turing on inside your pocket or wife’s handbag.

    It’s a feature you will need to disable if you want to conserve battery 🔋 life

  3. Great tip but if you turn off location services from always to only while using app with Weather app you won’t get weather notifications on your Lock Screen in iOS 15 any way around this anybody know?

  4. I have Allstate auto ins. and in order to get discounts with my ins. Allstate uses an app that requires location services to be turned on always. Is there a way around this?

  5. Yesterday, I got the battery in my iPhone XS replaced! I told the clerk that when I took my 6S to another Apple Store for a battery replacement (its battery went wrong after 25 months) and was instead given a whole other 6S (on which the battery went wrong after about a month or two), he told me that 6Ses were very prone to battery failure, and for my original 6S to have lasted 25 months, I was one of the lucky ones!

  6. These guys are idiots they will recommend you to turn off essential features to save the battery life but they will not tell you about what features you’re compromising by turning it off…
    Last time I listen to there suggestions about turning off the device management and significant location services and it ended up with not working battery optimisation feature…

  7. Thanks to the videos earlier, everything you did today was in check. Interesting on Covid 19 tracker. Never ever have i been notified.

    What about VPN apps? is VPN good to use? Maybe a video on just the how and too’s of VPN.

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