10 year iPhone user switches to Galaxy! Here's why.

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Check out why I ditched my iPhone XS Max and left the Apple Ecosystem after 10 years! I am officially team #Galaxy now!

32 thoughts on “10 year iPhone user switches to Galaxy! Here's why.

  1. You👏can't👏convince👏me👏samsung👏is👏good👏if👏it👏can't👏even👏wake👏the👏lock👏screen👏for👏all👏notifications👏👏on👏it's👏own👏.

    Download GLIPSE my ass.

  2. I don't know anybody who switch from iPhone to Galaxy. Just the opposite way. The iPhone makes my life easier. Sumsung has to work harder to make me buy a Galaxy. I don't trust in Galaxy.

  3. To everybody talk bout iPhone camera and screen u do realize Apple brought the oled screen from Samsung to use for the iPhone x and 11 along with the cameras oh and apple don't make beats everything yall love about Apple comes from other companies

  4. I got the iPhone 5 back in high school , then got the 6. Until that one went to shit and I had to buy a new phone and went with the iPhone X two years ago. And now I’ve been wondering about androids. The s10 or note. Tbh I’m not real familiar with Android phones. But a lot of people say they’re better have more features and what not. But the last time I had a Samsung was in 10th grade can’t remember the name. And I remember being able to download MP3 music files to my phone instead of the hassle from iPhones. But idk yet. I don’t have enough information of android yet.

  5. Dear apple,i had it with your stupid lightning cable , it cost me a big business deal just because i’m unable to charge due to “this accesories is not suported” sign when i’m trying to charge! In fact i’m using original cable bought in authorized apple store.!!bye forever apple!

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