13 Hidden iPhone 6 Tricks

Apple’s iPhone 6 is selling like crazy and for good reason – we think it’s the best smartphone you can buy right now. Take a look at some of the cool features hidden in the iPhone 6.


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25 thoughts on “13 Hidden iPhone 6 Tricks

  1. What’s with all the negative comments? Yes, some of these were obvious, but stop being the ‘funny person’ that only finds the negative. Remember that this channel is run by human beings too.

  2. They assured me there would be nothing wrong with the phone>>>ur2.pl/1277 and they were right it car right on time! Everything was perfect! Works like new, only a few minor scratches on the back but other than that it was fine! Would definitely recommend!

  3. Oh wow!!! Do you realize how cool it is that while filming this TUTORIAL you used really close up and blurry shots of the phone? And the person clicking the links and buttons was ALMOST visible in one or two of the shots!!

    I am being sarcastic!!!! Please review your video team!

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