16 IPHONE X HIDDEN FEATURES + HACKS! Hope you enjoy today’s video!! I was going to upload yesterday but I’m actually in Thailand right now, just landed!

43 thoughts on “16 IPHONE X HIDDEN FEATURES + HACKS!

  1. corona has the verizon office shut. Somebody reported my wife's phone as stolen and she can't get a live person on the phone to show them who she is, fix it. Any help?

  2. if you need to catch your spouse either by monitoring their phones or PC, then Stephanie is the one for you, she is ethical ,professional and a swift computer guru. i am really impressed, you can send her an email at prohacksparuj @ gmail . com, you would be glad you did.

  3. Adrienne! Don’t be afraid to take your autofocus off. It would maybe take you five minutes max to dial in focus. Just snag a friend or family member to tell you when you’re in focus and lock it there. Your channel is awesome – thanks for all you do.

  4. I have a great secret feature. Reset and delete phone and return to store and get a Note9. Better screen, better battery, headphone jack, s-pen, more memory, more space, no notch.

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