2 Ways to Install iOS 13 on iPhone or iPads

Learn how to get and update iPhone to iOS 13. iOS 13 has released to the public. It is loaded with new features and performance enhancements. In this video we show you how to first backup your Apple device with iCloud or iTunes and then install iOS 13 with your iPhone or with iTunes.

Backup/Install Timestamps:
iCloud Backup: 1:15
iTunes Backup : 1:53
iPhone Install: 3:00
iTunes Install: 3:45

Compatible Devices:
iPod Touch (7th generation)
iPhone SE
iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
iPhone 7…

36 thoughts on “2 Ways to Install iOS 13 on iPhone or iPads

  1. I am on an older airpad and stuck in a loop. It won't download ios13 because it is too "old" or something, but many of my apps now will not run because they say to install ios13 first. This is stupid…on my and apple's desk.

  2. Hi! I just wanna know, if IArtBook Is allowed on iPad Air 2, I wanted to have IArtBook, but because it says “You Need iOS 13.0 or Later” I wanna know if it works for you, or if you could update an IPad Air 2 As iOS 13? I really wanna use IArtBook cuz I’m good at digital art 😭😭😭 help me please 😭😭

  3. Hi I've tried updating my iPad 6th gen and it continues to give me an error saying it can't check for an update. I've never had an apple product so I'm kinda confused about it

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