20 Best Single Player Games For Android & iPhone

Looking for something fun and fulfilling to play on your phone? These iOS and Android games, online and offline, should keep you busy for awhile.
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20 GrimValor
PRICE: $6.99

19 Pascal’s Wager
PRICE: $6.99

18 Stardew Valley

24 thoughts on “20 Best Single Player Games For Android & iPhone

  1. Castlevania SotN is actually a worthy port. I bought it mostly because Im a huge fan of the original, but I didnt expect the port to be THAT good. They actually went out of their way to update the UI, and some small details as well. Only downside is they used the newer dub.

    Also really happy that Chrono Trigger made the list. Thats the first mobile game I took seriously on mobile and completely finished (even after replaying and finishing on all other ports before lol)

  2. My personal favorite Mobile games:

    Mushroom 11 💜
    World of Goo
    After The End: Forsaken Destiny
    Lara Croft Go
    Cat Bird💜
    Bulb Boy
    Cut Rope: Magic
    Evoland 1 & 2 (💜)
    Minit 💜
    That Level Again (1,2,3), especially 3💜
    Once upon a tower💜
    The Room Series
    Downwell (Its been a year and still
    haven't beat the game😕, not even once)

  3. Just a heads up to Android users, if you haven't used your gamepass trial most of these are 'free' for 30 days on the Play Store. Good time to use that and play a couple of these older ports you always here people talk about but you've yet to play them

  4. Chrono trigger = best rpg story. And the characters are amazing. I also love xenogears as well and ff7 but chrono is hands down my favorite

  5. If I had to vote one that’s the best in my opinion, it would be KOTOR, the reason why this is my favorite game, it’s because I’ve put multiple hours into this game, and I’m determined to finish the game!

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