3 Ways to Transfer Photos from a Camera to an iPhone, iPad or Android Device – SFTH #32

A buddy of mine asked me the other day, “How do you edit your photos?” You know it’s funny. Had he asked me this question five years ago, my answer would have been completely different.

These days, with three baby monkeys in tow, I’m realizing time is extremely limited. If I’m going to edit my photos, I have to do so on the go.

The good news is that there are tons of free and affordable editing apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Making it incredibly easy to tweak…

47 thoughts on “3 Ways to Transfer Photos from a Camera to an iPhone, iPad or Android Device – SFTH #32

  1. I'm doing the 2nd option right now good thing I have a card reader ready it's pretty slow sharing from macbook to iphone though, I think it is about 20-25 mins video. I was going to transfer the video from dslr cam to iphone but I have a hard time doing it and I don't know why.

  2. Wow thank u so much, I have a fujifilm camera and the app to transfer the photos sucks 😤. It is so frustrating try to use the app for anything. Definitely getting the adapter.😁

  3. i downloaded the canon app , but it won't transfer my pictures to my phone ,via wifi , bluetooth or NFC , it really is a rubbish app , so i might try the memory card reader , thanks .

  4. The guy didn’t explain the “drop box” folder well enough. He needed to describe and explain the drop-box option in more detail. But he pretty much just mentioned it and that was it.

  5. Thank you for this info !
    My husband I just started a channel about living in our van and I’ve been recording with my phone bc I couldn’t figure out how to transfer photos off my rebel t 5 to my laptop to my phone to edit so this is a lifesaver for me .

  6. I have videos on my camera. Trying to figure out how to transfer videos from camera to phone. I bought a sd card reader adapter. Plugged it in & all i see are empty folders. I dont see any videos

  7. My niece took our family pics with canon rebel eos t5…I looked at the photos and they were great. Took SD card to Walmart and the photos are not on the card! Came back to the camera and the pics were on the camera! Why didnt they save to SD? WHAT FROM HERE? HELP!

  8. Can someone please help me. I don't have wifi. I purchased a SD card reader with a type c cable because my phone uses a type c and it looks like yours. I stuck the sd card from the camera into the adapter and plugged into my phone. It recognizes and says USB connected but won't allow me to see nor transfer images.

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