5 iPhone Gestures and Tips You Should Be Using

iPhone has a lot of gestures or tips you may not be aware of. I go over five gestures that can help you every day. #iphone #tips #ios

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46 thoughts on “5 iPhone Gestures and Tips You Should Be Using

  1. Thanks. I just got an iPhone XS and this helped me. The last tip I had found about 2 months ago. I have a lot of folders and I like keeping my apps organized so to add to your tip, it makes it easy to put all of those apps into a folder by pausing on top of an app, which creates a new folder, or pausing above a folder which opens the folder and when you let go, the apps all go into the folder. 1 more thing to add to that is if you need to go to a different page to choose more apps to add, just swipe left or right with your free hand and it will switch pages while it keeps holding the apps. After switching pages, you can choose more apps or go to the page that has the folder you want. You can use your free hand to tap on folders to open them if you like. I hope this helps.

  2. I have some tips too . If you're using an assistive touch , you can set it to lock your device without pressing the power button by simply holding it for milliseconds. Or you can double tap the assistive touch to multitask . Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch > Custom Actions

  3. Aaron, off topic question. For an iPhone XS Max that was bought when released, and heavily used everyday, is it normal for the “battery health” to go from 100% to 99%? I just started using the Apple Smart Battery Case for it a few weeks ago (while battery health was still at 100%). Do you think the constant charging from the case has degraded my iPhone’s battery health in those two weeks of usage?

    My OS is the current OS.

  4. For those who don’t know this already, When I want to clear out some apps, Instead of swiping up and waiting, you can just swipe up and then just swipe right, it gets you to multitasking faster. Also nice video Zollotech! 🙂

  5. You don’t show me nothing new I already no those from the beginning iPhone x. And by the many people already posted those tips long time ago.

  6. damn .. as i said b4 , i dont even have an iPhone nor i ever had, but i watch every vid, cause i love how Aaron explains things, i have not seen a youtuber that does explaining better then Aaron, and tbh, i think Aaron knows more about Apple stuff then 80% of the ppl that work in Apple lol .. i wonder if they ever saw a vid of urs and asked u to work for them

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