7 AESTHETIC Ways To Organize iPhone Apps! CHANGE APP COLORS!

YOU CAN CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR APPS?!!! Here are 7 AESTHETIC, creative, genius ways to customize and organize your iPhone apps!! I can’t believe I didn’t find this sooner.

7 Creative Ways To Organize iPhone Apps //

» Here’s what we’re covering in this video →

-You can make your phone literally as cute as you want, whatever color you want.
-You can get rid of the anxiety that notification badges give you!


40 thoughts on “7 AESTHETIC Ways To Organize iPhone Apps! CHANGE APP COLORS!

  1. When I try to change the picture of my app it only has color and Glyph. It doesn’t have Home screen, which is what I’m looking for, any ideas on how to get it??

  2. the only thing I dont like about the shortcut app is how loading the apps in. when you click on it yo'ure redirected to this icon screen, then to the shortcuts app, then to the app you wanted. it just makes things look tacky.


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  5. If you wanna make it MORE aesthetic where you change the icon click on Home Screen and you will have the option to upload a photo and make that the app icon.

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