8 Music Apps for iPad and iPhone that changed the way I make music – haQ attaQ 129

8 apps music apps for both iPhone and iPad that changed the way I make and think about music!

Propellerhead FIGURE iPad and iPhone ►
IMPAKTOR iPad and iPhone ►…

26 thoughts on “8 Music Apps for iPad and iPhone that changed the way I make music – haQ attaQ 129

  1. Borderlands (can't wait for the update!) was the first app that showed me what was possible with iOS, then Samplr(rip), then KOALA! Which is rapidly becoming my main beat making tool. I love the organic feel of it!

  2. Jakob, if you want to see mobile…. check my only video.
    I've build a studio on wheels with 6 beds, cool beer fridge, Tyros 4, Roland DX-20, Mac, PC, iPad Pro, lots of guitars 🎸 🙂

  3. Is there any way to get these tools on a PC or OS X laptop or desktop? I'm not really interested in shelling out another $500-700 so I can utilize these fairly cheap programs. It also doesn't make sense to me why these apps would only be designed for an iPad when they could make VST and/or Reason plugins for them for additional business.

  4. Are you still using the iPad mini 2? I was thinking about getting an iPad mini 4 just for my music production needs then transfer everything to my computer into Logic Pro X.

  5. i spent a lot of times in prison
    solitory confinment months on end
    so i started to make music in my head to stay sane
    i told my ex im going to make music in clubs
    she said that will never happen
    now i am being asked to play in clubs next year
    i just played with apps

  6. Whilst I love the innovative options that a touch screen can provide, and appreciate the time/effort you put in to learn each one (and find value in them), I humbly suggest you spend a few seasons with Charles Louis Hanon. Rather than be a slave to the permutations offered by the software developer, take control by eliminating your self-confessed weakness. Learn to play a keyboard … the interface is black and white, touch responsive, and so much easier than getting into the mind of 8 interface designers. It won't become redundant for centuries (if ever), hasn't changed much since ivory was a thing. I guarantee that every hour spent on a "keyboard" will reap rewards in decades to come, I sincerely doubt every hour spent deciphering a clever developer's idea on a "dead in 5 years" device will make sense in 6 years. Cheers Jakob.

  7. Dear Michael R
    Hmm, your channel has no content. A troll I suspect. Hope you are going round counting all pianos to make sure they have the right amount of keys, while we all get on with making music on our iOS devices using all the highly professional apps created by some very creative devs. Anyway, I'm 100% proud of Jakob and what he does for our community and all music lovers (apart form ones counting keys who have no time for anything else). And I am 100% proud to be an iOS musician I love creating and it's an incredibly handy and creative tool. A musician uses what they find most comfortable wether they are professional or not.
    Anyway, enjoy counting keys on pianos, I'm sure it's a worthwhile hobby for you.

  8. Apps?!!!! For doing music, it is like the piano toys with less than 88 keys that sales people like to call pianos instead of the normal 88-key pianos!!

    Oh, and this 100% iOS, you should hide it, I can assure you!! You should NOT be proud of doing music on iOS apps!! Like if iOS would be a Rolls Royce operating system when it is just a handicapped operating system because it is just a mobile operating system that pretends to be a full-blown operating system like the Windows operating system!!

    Professional musicians do NOT use iOS apps to do professional music, they use full WINDOWS PROGRAMS (NOT APPS)!!!

    Having said ALL that, iOS apps or Window mobile apps are fine to have fun and discover for the novices.

  9. I like your choices for sure. Fugue Machine was a game changer for sure for me. AUM is also another app that I've been waiting for to come along for a long time. I have benefited from it in two ways, one, it's perfect for using synths in live performances and then it also allows me to layer different synths and make new sounds. There's more, but I'd probably end up making a similar video as this one. I must say, it's good to hear you're breaking out of the box and being mobile. Take it to the stage!

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