A12 UnJailbreak iOS 12 – 12.1.2 Remove & Uninstall Chimera! – Delete Sileo (NO COMP / RESTORE)

Remove iOS 12 A12 Chimera Jailbreak – How To Delete Sileo & Uninstall Chimera WITHOUT Restoring. Unjailbreak iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR & Fix Sileo Errors! No Computer Chimera Downloads HERE: 👈

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1. How to Jailbreak A12 iOS 12 – 12.1.2:

2. iOS 12 – 12.1.2 Jailbreak Updates:…

33 thoughts on “A12 UnJailbreak iOS 12 – 12.1.2 Remove & Uninstall Chimera! – Delete Sileo (NO COMP / RESTORE)

  1. im having a vERY big problem lmao. so basically my sileo app isnt opening at all. like at all. everytime i touch it a white screen pops up and then it crashes. also my chimera app is gone. i dont know if it got deleted or what. so basically im stuck with sileo and a jailbreak that i really need to get rid of. if you knew how to help that would be great :,)

  2. Does NOT remove ALL jailbreak data, all of the settings are left on your device, and could be found by apple voiding your warranty. How do you totally, completely restore back to stock, so that no technicial can tell that it was jailbroken?

  3. I can't install chimera as it keeps going black and not opening. It's still on my home screen but it won't open. I can't jailbreak or unjailbreak because this app won't install! PLS HELP

  4. HELP! You seem like the expert on Chimera and Sileo. WHen I go into sileo I cannot update, uninstall, or install any apps. The pop up que on the bottom does not populate. I lost my jailbreak earlier because of reprovision issue happening right now. Now that sileo is not working I have no idea what to do with my device. I could really really use some help!

  5. I tried restarting my phone it won’t show the option to restore rootFS and i want to update to ios 13 but I can’t please help appreciate it

  6. The way to fix not being able to update your phone is search unc0ver download on safari download it and then open the app click settings turn on everything but restore root fs and then it’ll do it and restart your phone and you’ll be able to update. Hope this works

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