Apple iPhone 12 (2020) Introduction

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Apple iPhone 12 (2020) More Screen. More Excitement. Introducing Apple’s new phone the iPhone 12 5G first look, concept, trailer and introduction video. According to latest rumors and leaks, the new upcoming mobile phone Apple iPhone XII 2020 will receive 120 Hz infinite display, 6GB of RAM, triple rear camera and subscreen front camera. Next, Apple will launch three amazing models including iPhone 12 Pro…

36 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 12 (2020) Introduction

  1. Ficking apple hy price..but battery quality very poor..and plz take time release new model.. just launched 11 pro max,🙄🙄 people frist use…./

  2. 화면이 되게 시원해보인다
    밑에 카메라만 제거 하면 좀 괜찮을 듯

    한국인 분 .. 댓글 좀 달아주세요 무서워유 ㅠ

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