Apple Iphone 12 – Finally Revealed!

The apple iphone 12 has been fully uncovered including design, specs & prices for all models.

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The apple iphone 12 is the upcoming flagship from apple and its set to be incredible! We have a great selection of iphone 12 models with some impressive new features for apple fans. For the 1st time ever apple are delivering 4 models of the apple iphone 12 and each one is increible. We have the iphone 12, the iphone 12 max, the iphone 12 pro and finally…

34 thoughts on “Apple Iphone 12 – Finally Revealed!

  1. every single year apple fans boy always render something cool on the notch (small notch). but in reality every single year was the same notch😂😂😂

  2. Bruh people seriously keep going on about how apple iphones have lots of cameras when there is a huawei with 6 cameras. Then they will talk about the pricing but Samsung is releasing phones at $1400+ smh man all hypocrites

  3. Having the iPhone 6 for five years at that point, this will be my upgrade!! I really hope the camera surface will be completely dark so the camera lenses aren't so consipicuous

  4. Very sad to see how peoples spending a fortune for the iphone and it has same menu since 100year back same camera filters when i see how poor beautt filtera they have my god only the vivid and finish …..the reat is 💩 and i was one od the idiot who bought it too i so much regret it spendinf this much money on crap my husband have galaxy 10plus and when i see his camera it make me feel cry ,…honestly apple selling every year same crap nothing new only edding plus one cam and different colore 🙄and not even mentiones face id how slow is most of time doesnt even work .. and lot of ppls buting just tell thet they got the latest iphone spending noney for exactly the same phone every year with different name 🥴i firgott even thet since 100year they have same boring useless crap ringtones jesus when thet gono change finally and camera filters too 😤

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