Apple iPhone XS and XR 2018 event in 12 minutes

Apple has announced its latest collection of gadgets; the iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR and the Apple Watch Series 4. This year, they introduced three new iPhone models that build off the company’s 10th anniversary edition iPhone X and accessories that come with it.


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39 thoughts on “Apple iPhone XS and XR 2018 event in 12 minutes

  1. honestly whoever says that Samsung is better, I agree with you but, Im just a child and serious programming on a phone for me is not needed, so I will still prefer iPhone as honestly looks q lot better than android

  2. Pnothing like innovation. Honestly any ground breaking discoveries and features? And have you noticed they stopped comparing new I phones to the other global competitors and only compare the new model to last year's model. So much waffle

  3. Well I understand that a lot of people have been with apple IPhones for years hence the dissatisfaction. Well I could careless about the negative comments and reviews because as a person who is new to the apple Iphone family I must say they are better than what I used to buy by miles and I don’t regret the switch as the quality is huge compared to my old Huawei P8, 10, P20.

  4. Honestly there are little things they change each year that either do or don’t make a big difference. And unless Apple changes the whole design and look of the iPhone generally most people don’t get excited. Some people keep saying Apple is getting ridiculous. Yeah. But we keep asking and wanting something outrageous and different each year. I feel like unless Apple has something different from the year before they should just not release one every year so they can keep making the phones better and have time. Also some people feel like they HAVE to get the new phone cause it’s Apple or new. No. If it doesn’t interest you don’t get it. That’s just my opinion please date hate.

  5. That hideous line at the bottom of the screen that replaced the home button drives me nuts and so does the asymmetrical screen shape with that cutout for the earpiece

  6. Great Huawei!!, this phone is the greatest thing we have seen in many years.  to the other hand we must admit that this kind of Fancy Product presentations were firstly created by Steve Jobs. I know that maybe is a stupid thing but, is there any one that feels that all the companies are trying to do the same stile of product presentation ?? And what's is more,  none of the current Apple, Samsung or Huawei show's man feels natural with this kind of presentation style. It just looks weird, boring and forced… Call me crazy but don't you feel the same ?? Miss you so Steve.

  7. The iPhone Xs is probably the most boring iPhone yet, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone 6s are very boring. The most exciting iPhones were the 4s, 5s, and the 6. New iPhones just aren't exciting anymore.

  8. Can anybody tell me please what are these called that someone is announcing that something is new coming up please tell me I really want to know I would really appreciate if you could do that for me.

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