Apple WWDC 2020 – iPadOS 14 Beta, IOS 14 Beta Release Date

The Apple WWDC 2020 event is incoming and we are expecting to see the latest iPhone IOS 14 Beta, iPadOS 14 Beta and the latest MacOS 10.16 Beta. I am going to tell you everything we expect and the latest leaks and answer the question can my iphone run IOS 14.

With the latest version of IOS still out there – IOS 13.5 that has substantial updates including Corona virus or Covid 19 API’s for health Apps with contact tracing. We eagerly await the arrival or IOS 14 and iPadOS 14 with an…

17 thoughts on “Apple WWDC 2020 – iPadOS 14 Beta, IOS 14 Beta Release Date

  1. I have the Google Pixel 4Xl phone. Because of Google Assistant and the Great, Great camera. But I have the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9" with magic keyboard and iPad Pro 2nd gen iPad Pro. I love my iPads. I would love to see a webcam update. So we could plug in a USB-C dongle and then a USB webcam, or a HDMI to USB converter. All we really need is the software to detect the devices. I am having some issues with the external keyboard on my IPad Pro 2nd gen. So I hope Apple fixes these issues in IOS14. I can't see how they can improve on the mouse support. It works very well as is. I would like to see an improvement in battery life. Maybe tweaking the ease of use in the Notes app regarding pencil input. It works ok just not smooth enough in how one moves around. Such as you can't draw on an image you captured with the camera, Also, going from pencil input to typing, to taking a picture is not very fluid. Things like this would really make a difference. I switched over to using Notability. And I like it better. I really would like a quick way to access the brightness controls for the Magic keyboard. These are currently way to buried in the OS.

  2. I need to find where the iOS 14 beta profile will be hopefully I can somewhere I’ve done it with iOS 13 beta ones I found it on a site called if u have heard of that site as I’m not paying £79 for a year to download it when u can find it other ways I have the XR

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