Avoid Data Roaming Fees Cruising – iPhone Edition

Hi Cruisers, in this episode we take a look at how to avoid international data roaming fees on your iPhone when you cruise. If you are an Android user, take a look at our Samsung Galaxy S5 video:

The first thing we recommend is to call your carrier before you cruise. Tell them where you’ll be going and ask them about their international plans. It might be worth purchasing a very small amount of international data just for peace of mind. In most cases this is a…

18 thoughts on “Avoid Data Roaming Fees Cruising – iPhone Edition

  1. Thanks that really helps, my teenage daughter was worried about her phone. We did speak to our carrier and got some tips. I like yours alot simpler. Thanks again, we're leaving next week, this helps.

  2. Ha, a fellow cruiser of mine told me that on a previous cruise a woman was talking on the phone the WHOLE TIME!!!    Then the carrier called to update her on the 4 digit bill she was accruing, she screamed, "WHAT???  How I am suppose to pay that?"

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