BEGINNER TIPS & TRICKS – SimCity BuildIt iOS iPhone, Android – Ep2

Tips & Tricks for SimCity Build It on iOS, iPhone & Android by Electronic Arts. In this Lets Play we Walkthrough some Tips & Tricks for the game. How to Increase City Storage Capacity, Get More SimCast and Simolians, Upgrading and Leveling Up, Increase Happiness, Increase Bulding Supplies and Hardware Supplies Slots, Upgrade Factory Production, Increase Population, Increase Wealth and Wealth Forecast, Setting Taxes for More Simolians & more.


26 thoughts on “BEGINNER TIPS & TRICKS – SimCity BuildIt iOS iPhone, Android – Ep2

  1. I've never ever had my sims unhappy about living next to hardware store. Even when there small homes. I've never seen a difference between the size of a residential building when it comes to happiness next a hardware store..

  2. U suck at this game, u r only lvl 6 and only have 5k coins. When you lvl up you are going to die because you built too many houses and when you need polices, health, trash yard, and fire you wouldn't have money for it because it's space and you have way too many houses

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