Best 3 Photo Editing Apps For Android and iPhone

Here are 3 of the best photo editing apps that will work on both your Android and iPhone smart phones. Edit your mobile photos like a pro and make them pop with Touch Retouch, Lens Distortions, and Adobe Lightroom.

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43 thoughts on “Best 3 Photo Editing Apps For Android and iPhone

  1. Loving your content! Actually I think I’m addicted to it lol
    My 2 favourite apps are pixelmator and snapseed. There are both great apps for new YouTubers that are just getting started.

  2. 💚 Great tips.. but seriously… Touch Retouch, what kind of VOODOO MAGIC is that??? How is that even possible? 🙂
    I use these apps for my photo editing:
    LensLight – for flare effects and good filters
    Filterstorm – great app for editing in detail (interestingly enough has NO filters)
    Superimpose – for background removal – works really great
    clip2comic – to make your photos look like drawings/or comics
    Enhance – shape photos into social media sizes (like twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube thumbnails etc.)

  3. I am the person who tell You to do about an easer app video. An i Want You to do a video about an app who can find You tags for free because tubebuddy can find You only 3 tags if You dont pay

  4. good video dude. now im gonna try and find something like this for photoshop or a guide on how to do stuff like this…. im still amazed what u can do with a phone nowerdays as they are now basically mobile media device's

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