BEST FREE APPS (GAMES) OF APRIL 2015 Android & iPhone

Here are my picks for the Best Free Mobile Games April 2015 for Android and iOS devices! SEE BELOW FOR ALL APP DOWNLOAD LINKS! Game of War Fire Age ANDROID & iOS:
Does Not Commute ANDROID:
Does Not Commute iOS:
Tadpole Tap iOS:
Tadpole Tap ANDROID:
Quest Keeper iOS:
Quest Keeper…

39 thoughts on “BEST FREE APPS (GAMES) OF APRIL 2015 Android & iPhone

  1. What is going on with your channel? It's 90% food tasting then a random app video that a minority watch because who cares about apps anymore. I enjoy your tech videos but they are far and few between.

  2. Cool reviews Elly some good free games there I think I like the sound of the cat one just so I can go around and destroy things might be a good release for the end of a busy work day of customer service : )

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