Best Free Music App for iPhone & Android (Offline Music)

Best Free Music App for IPhone & Android (Offline Music)
This is one of the best music apps for iPhone in 2019. Esound Music lets you download free music and listen to them offline. If you want me to make a “top free music apps for iphone” video, make sure you leave a thumbs up and comment down below. Hope you enjoyed this video!

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25 thoughts on “Best Free Music App for iPhone & Android (Offline Music)

  1. Try itrend player !! It’s really great! I think it’s better than esound also if you look at the recent reviews on esound the developer responded to someone’s review and idk to me they sounded very snobby. 😒

  2. Everyone use “Bolt Browser” it’s an app you can download music from youtube to the app it works 100%. (Thank Me With an Like)👍🏽

  3. Oh thanks man,I was this close to switching back to android but you saved me,this itune shit getting me upset✌💞❤
    U earned your self a new subscriber ..tysm

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