Best FREE plugins for GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad)

My top five free AUv3 plugins and effects for iPhone and iPad.

In this video, I show you how I use five different FREE plugins to add effects and mix my songs in GarageBand iPhone and GarageBand iPad.

Covered in this video is:
01:54 – Stereo Lag Delay –
04:08 – FuzzPlus3 Distortion – (no longer available)
07:21 – RoughRiderr2 Compressor –
10:25 – LRC5 EQ -…

40 thoughts on “Best FREE plugins for GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Time stamps and links for all 5 x FREE plugins:
    01:54 – Stereo Lag Delay –
    04:08 – FuzzPlus3 Distortion – (no longer avaialble 😕)
    07:21 – RoughRiderr2 Compressor –
    10:25 – LRC5 EQ –
    14:28 – DLYM Delay Modulator –

  2. Can you pls recommend something to me?
    I like making lo fi music this is the first time im going to try plugins
    What is the best plugins for lo fi music??

  3. Another mind blower..I really thought I knew GarageBand but I’ve watched 3 of your videos tonight and each one is like a sledgehammer of exciting new stuff to try. Never even knew plug-ins existed in GB so I am now off to try some out. Amazing channel, thanks again 😊😊👍

  4. Great plugins; thanks for sharing! I’m not sure if you know this- is there a good sidechain compression plugin for GarageBand? Drawing in volume automation gets a bit tedious at times.

  5. mine combination for dlym – Gentle repeater n stereo maker.. i did record my guitar acoustic using technique that you teach only with ipad and guitar.. which is really sounds good for me when this combination made.. Thankss a lottttt master

  6. Thankyou master . i just download the stereo lag.. and i play with it now.. wish i had found this before i posted my song cover.. i hv just uploaded my video cover song.. thanks to you im able to using garage band as much as i can but seriously my cover sounds really bad.. so this is the solution that i really wanna thank you.. god bless.. stay safe and to other who read this comment god bless you always.. maybe if you guys have time come to my channel i do songs cover from many languages as can and have english translation too . thankyou.

  7. Hey pete. Probably one year late on this vid but u have helped me so much with these tutorials. Thankyou for making these vids. Please don’t stop 🤩

  8. It appears that two of these plug-ins are not available in the United States. I could not access them on the Apple App Store. Just letting you know. Keep up the great work!

  9. Call me terrible at this. But I’m new at the mobile GarageBand stuff. Actually using is in a serious way. To achieve the stereo lag effect I’ve been duplicating a track, and then nudging one track over slightly, and then panning them to either side.

  10. After downloading a FREE app onto my iPad to use with GarageBand, how do I get it into the Garageband app so I can actually use it. Right now it appears as a stand-alone app on my iPad.

  11. Good sir, I am in need of some help. So I’m working on an Ultimate Battle remix. I work on iOS GarageBand, and I am in search of some free orchestral or brass synthesizer plug-ins. Any advice, or any help you can give me? Thanks Mr. Pete!

  12. Question sir , is there any plug-in similar to “stereo lag time” that can be used on pro tools ,? (Windows) Can you tell me the free ones 🥺 and the paid ones . Thank you 🙏🏽

  13. Dude…. you’re voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. This is probably informative… but I can’t ducking stand the super corny, lispy, gay crocodile hunter thing you’ve got going on. Let somebody else talk. Just produce maybe??

  14. I have Tonebridge but I deleted because I don’t want to waste any storage on my iPad, plus I have 237 songs on Garageband. Most of them are songs, but other is dialogue, experimental music, testings, and vocals

  15. Dude. Every time I search something specific one of your videos come up showing you’ve already covered a “how to.” Thank you so much for your hard work & your uploads! You’re the man!

  16. Hey, Pete. Great video as always. I have downloaded the plug-ins and I’m also looking for the first one on your list which is AUVoiceRackFX. I can’t find it in the app store. I have a particular song where I want to put a little bit of a weird effect on one of the voices and th is AU looks good. Do you know how I can get it or can you recommend a good one. I’m willing to pay. Thanks!

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