Best Scan to PDF App for iPhone and iPad

A review of the best scan to PDF app for the iPhone and iPad including a how to tutorial on scanning a document with an iPhone and sending it out via email in PDF format.

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17 thoughts on “Best Scan to PDF App for iPhone and iPad

  1. was reviewing choices in scanner to pdf for an online math class and there you were. Already downloaded it. Great tutorial. Thanks! I assume I have to email to myself and open/save to my computer just to be able to upload it into my schools online source called CANVAS. If there is a way around that, I hope I find it! THANKS

  2. Thanks Anson. But maybe you can explain a little bit dipper about how if we want to scan more than 1 page & make it on 1 file? Also how big is the size of the pdf doc after scanning?

  3. Thanks Anson!  I just discovered your channel and I am glad I did!  I noticed you have an app called AirPrint on your phone (I noticed it on your DocScan Pro video) and hoping you can provide a tutorial on that app.

  4. I've been looking for an app like this where I can scan stuff and use it in Notability.. works perfectly. I tried the free version but I'm definitely going to buy the pro version now! Thanks for the vid. :]

  5. Hi Anson… I wonder about this app if you might know? My dilemma is that I am trying to keep certain PDFs from being edited, but I guess if a person printed them out and scanned them back to PDF then they could conceivably then export that to Word and alert it, then re-PDF. Hahah, I know that is long, sorry.

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