BIG iPhone 11 Leaks, Insane FaceTime Bug, iPod touch 7 Specs & More!

The iPhone 11 Design Has Been CHOSEN! USB-C Confirmed, HUGE Battery Changes, Creepy FaceTime Spying Bug, iPod touch 7 Confirmed & More News! Big Apple News Day!

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29 thoughts on “BIG iPhone 11 Leaks, Insane FaceTime Bug, iPod touch 7 Specs & More!

  1. I’d rather have them use that square camera or maybe they could just have a camera straight across the top of the phone. Definitely sticking with the IPhone X of the camera design is staying like that

  2. Apple will Create a 7 inch iPhone i n September iPhone 11 to Fight samsung name iPhone Final not 7.2 inch it's too big. 7 inch named iPhone Final. Solve it.

  3. The iPod touch has to have a headphone jack. What did the iPod do when it first came out? Play music. How do a lot of people listen to music? Headphones. Some people don't like earbuds so they wouldn't like airpods on iPod so iPod has to have a headphone jack

  4. I was really hoping for no notch. I guess that’s out of the question. They need to bring headphone jack back and multitasking. If they continue w the notch I will not be buying an iPhone for as long as they have it period! They also need fingerprint scanner in the display. I live in a cold climate and I don’t want Face ID. I get all 4 seasons where I live. I will be buying a android device not sure which one yet really looking at note 9 or 10. Why no notch and multitasking. Good vid though👍🏼

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