Blackberry 2019 Edition Smartphone

Blackberry 2019 Edition Smartphone

This Concept By:- Albert Degin ( )

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27 thoughts on “Blackberry 2019 Edition Smartphone

  1. Blackberry Priv 2, Ram 8/256Gb, Quad Camera 32 and 45Mp, Dual Sim Standby, Snapdragon 865 AIE, Battery 5000mah, Support 5G, Edge Screen, Super Amoled, 5'8inc, Android 10, Full body Stainless🙏😀killer flagship

  2. Would be really good if they make such a phone. Current ones are not much in design. In fact after they abandoned BBOS and after the Passport and the Priv, there haven't been distinctive devices on the market. All ugly-ish resembling other brands, such as LG. Wouldn't be bad if you also revive BBOS, stop stupid Android. Come on BlackBerry you can think better and become great again!

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