Call Recorder for iPhone on ios 12 (requires jailbreak)

Tweak name: AudioRecorder 2
Repo link :
Requirements: must be jailbroken

iOS 12.4 jailbreak (tutorial)

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5 thoughts on “Call Recorder for iPhone on ios 12 (requires jailbreak)

  1. I still use audio Recorder since 2012 on ios 6.1.3 but for now I need to paid again what I did because lost the activation code some years ago. On the SE I used Super Recorder from the Hacx repo. For iOS 12.4 the activation code didn't work. Emails to the owner where not answered because it is not that I want the pay as well that Cydia made it not possible to link the purchase to the repo. I had last week 3 refunds running with Hashbang. Th Cydia case of Audio Recorder was now different, first download and than order from the app into settings. The paypal payment was ok and the app audio recorder was open. Overall, I hope that Cydia works with the third partys better in case of payments, yes I have an hack repo installed and why? Just because it is not possible to get working some already paid tweaks. Thanks for the video that reminds me to audio recorder.

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