Change the iPhone's Signal Bars – No Jailbreak! (2016)

THIS WORKS ON ALL iPHONES (Updated 12.5.2016)

These are instructions on how to replace the signal strength bars on your iPhone with a numerical representation of reception strength. (ie. numbers instead of bars).

Step One
Press to launch MobilePhone from your Springboard.

Step Two
Tap the keyboard tab then dial *3001#12345#*.

Step Three
Your iPhone will now launch Field Test. Notice your strength bars have been replaced with a number. This number is your reception strength measured in…

45 thoughts on “Change the iPhone's Signal Bars – No Jailbreak! (2016)

  1. To take this off you go and dial the number again and then click on the numbers on the where the bars are usually and then when it has the bars/circles press home button and then it should be stuck with the bars and you can't change it

  2. To do it on an iPhone 5s
    First: get the the field test the same
    Second: open Siri while still in the field test
    Third: hold power button until the slide to turn off power comes up
    Fourth: press and hold the home button and the app in the background should force close

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