Channels App for iPad / iPhone Review – Live TV App for HDHomerun Tuners

Buy the app – (affiliate link) Buy an HDHomerun on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Channels App, previously only on AppleTV, is now available for iPhone and iPad. It tunes live TV and requires an HDHomerun Tuner. See more HDHomerun – and subscribe!

0:02 – Introduction
1:13 – Pausing, rewinding, fast forwarding live television
2:16 – Not compatible with protected channels
2:56 – Configuration,…

18 thoughts on “Channels App for iPad / iPhone Review – Live TV App for HDHomerun Tuners

  1. I was thinking about getting an Apple TV to get the channels app but that costs no less than $150. On top Of that I would need to get the hdhomerun to watch the channels app and that's at least another $100. Here's what I was thinking, can I buy a Chromecast for $35, pay for the channels app for $15 and then cast what I'm watching on the Channels app to my TV via the Chromecast ?

  2. Hey Lon. I have the Channels app and I currently receive all cable channels when I plug my coax cable directly into my TV. When I plugged the Coax cable into the HDhomerun Prime, it only was able to pick up local over the air channels. I attempted scanning via the config program on my Mac laptop as well as scanning via the channels app and had the same results. Is the HDhomerun Prime box missing a tuner that is built in to my older TV? Any advice would be helpful.

  3. Soooooooooooooooo close mate! The 100K is just a step a way mate 😀

    Congratulations on a top notch channel mate. Your a great guy, great content and straight up. Just like all great ones should 😀

    Here is to another 10x 100K mate!

  4. Thanks, Lon. I was going to buy it, but said it is not compatible with my device…an iPad 3. I'm sure it's a horsepower thing, but glad it let me know rather than trying to put up with something that wouldn't work and not because of the app.

  5. Come on SiliconeDust.. $14.99 for a app?

    I mean it's not expensive for one app but it is expensive for two separate apps. They should've combined the iOS and tvOS app into one so you wouldn't have to pay twice.

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