CNET How To – Quickly turn off the iPhone flashlight

Donald Bell shows you an alternative, faster way to switch off your iPhone’s flashlight feature.

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35 thoughts on “CNET How To – Quickly turn off the iPhone flashlight

  1. A custom flashlight app on my GS4 lets me turn it on and off by shaking from the lock screen. Super useful since I don't have to look at the screen or press anything more than the power button.

  2. I just press and hold the volume up key while my screen is off to turn on my flashlight. Press volume down to turn it off. I think my method is faster. Just another reason why I choose android.

  3. Do you even own an iPhone? If not, don't talk shit. I always use the volume button to take photos, and it doesn't block the camera lens. It's incredibly useful.

  4. İdiotic iphone problem and buggy solution. They (apple) came with that absurd idea to shoot photos with the volume key (which makes you hold the phone in a way that your hand may probably close the camera lens) but they couldn't figure out a real user friendly to this problem.

  5. It's a video that the title clearly says how to turn it OFF quickly and u expect anything else? Idiots, I always found it annoying too turn this feature off thanks for the tip cnet way quicker

  6. Doing this method requires more concentration, to not open the camera app. If you do, then you'd have to close the app the next time you unlock. Thus you're not actually saving any time.

  7. Just to point out, this isn't a "feature designed by apple". To use the camera app, the flashlight needs to be off in order for the camera's flash feature to work, so since you're "activating the camera", the phone shuts off the flashlight. A bug, or smart coding? Probably the latter, either way at least it doesn't crash the camera app cough cough 😉

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