Crazy 2019 iPhone Rumors: 5 New Models Coming?! MacBook Pro 2020

According to a fresh iPhone report, Apple may be planning to release five new models this year: updated, second generations versions of the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max. Does this make any sense? Kind of. Apple is also working on a new professional, 6K display for release later this year, and a new 15-17-inch MacBook Pro and 10-12-inch iPad for release in 2020.

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33 thoughts on “Crazy 2019 iPhone Rumors: 5 New Models Coming?! MacBook Pro 2020

  1. the reason i want buy the new iphone 2019 insted of note 10 or lg 2019. Iphone have the most "SIMPLE" design and i love it.

  2. It's abtrusive while watching videos imam looking at the Oppo Find X great camera comes up when I need it but all my YouTube watching and pictures and videos are beautifuly watched and enjoyed. If not that one I keep looking. I do need the Head Phone Jack. And a Bessless face is very attractive. So waiting to see what or who makes what I want.

  3. iPhone 6s, nah my iPhone 6 is still ok
    iPhone 7, still looks like my phone
    iPhone X, notch? nah, I’ll wait one more year
    XS, still the same ugly notch, my iPhone 6 working fine
    2019 I will buy a new phone, omg what’s that on the back, camera block ?
    shall I wait for the 2020 phone ? Maybe 5G, maybe no notch…
    maybe I just have to buy an android phone

  4. the 5 new phones sounds messy and probably not true. selling the 5.8 inch without the 3 lens camera would literally cannibalize sales and its purpose as a "premium" device especially if the XR replacement moves to the dual lens. BUT bring on the bigger batteries even if it means thicker phones.

  5. It’s going to be wired if I get the “upgraded” iPhone XS and my friend has the older XS like what happens when the a12 XS doesn’t get updates anymore but mine will? So mine will but they the same phone waaaat

  6. I don’t mind that square camera setup.. I don’t look on the back of my phone or show off my iPhone to people.. I use my iPhones for whatever I need and if the design will give me a better camera with wide angle feature then take my money.😁

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