Creative Mobile Photography Ideas / Self-Portrait Challenge

In todays video I challenged myself to take self portraits on a iphone. This video was highly requested by you all so I hope you enjoy the different photo concepts.

25 thoughts on “Creative Mobile Photography Ideas / Self-Portrait Challenge

  1. I discovered your channel thanks to Irene Rudnyk and I’m so happy for it!! Your work is amazing! You have a new subscriber 🙌🏻

  2. Marc dude just know that we are out here who look for inspo to you so you mean a lot to some of us and know that you matter….hope this lessens your anxiety for just a minute…hahahaha i would know

  3. This is amazing, Marc!

    I'd like to recreate these exact ideas using my Android and put it up on my channel too.

    I'd make sure to give you credits because you deserve that and more. 💜

  4. I love the way you create and tell stories, not being limited by equipment. Keep creating and inspiring people like us who just want to make art and don’t even know where the hell to start. Lovely photos!😍😍

  5. This was a breath fo fresh air with the "iPhone self-portrait challenge" .. not only did you take amazing pictures with mobile, but there is also a personal connection that you gave with them. thank you for this!

  6. If you're ever in Dublin, the hugh lane gallery has an entire space dedicated to Francis and it even includes his studio which was excavated from his flat in London!

  7. These were all pretty cool! I think my favorite was the one where ur holding out the rose to the camera, the vibe that picture gives is just rly cool to me. The first two of the second set were rly cool too though!

  8. Apart from your pictures being fabulous and telling a story what actually keeps me hooked to your channel is your emotional and mental struggle and how you are so open about it and also how you go about dealing with it. It is so important that people discuss all these human struggles along with their work and inspire others because no one is alone through those dark times and we all have a reason to live life in a fulfilling manner.

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