Easy Transfer 3 in 1 OTG USB Flash Drive for Android, iPhone & Computer

This is one my favourite gadgets, I can now easily transfer all my files from all my devices. No cables, no software and no wifi needed.

Buy a 3-way OTG Flash Drive…

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21 thoughts on “Easy Transfer 3 in 1 OTG USB Flash Drive for Android, iPhone & Computer

  1. Hi John, would i be able to use this flash drive for my MacBook Air ? I’m running out of storage and would like to save it on a flash drive in order to clean out my computer

  2. I have an Alcatel A30 Tablet and apparently it's not "rooted". I have purchased the 3 in 1 OTG USB Flash Drive. I was able to get content on the USB from my Mac, but I can't seem to get the tablet to recognize that I have plugged in the OTG USB. Any suggestions?

  3. Thanks for your help, however, I have a problem with these flash drive memory card readers. The one I bought does not fit in the sockets. It has two plugs, one is a larger USB and a micro USB, but I think this recent purchase is a different USB, so frustrating. I have all these photos on a CS disk and no way can I find out how to get them off. I have tried to put the micro card into my Galaxy Samsung 10 phone or 10a tablet, but nothing fits. I do not have any other adaptors. Inspiration please Gadget John. XXX

  4. Great information but I am struggling to get the photos onto my pc from the usb as it says it is a db file and it wont download them, can you help?

  5. Very useful little gadget, so much bangs for you bucks!
    Super useful for travelers and backpackers who have limited access to iCloud, Google Drive etc.

    Loved your Bender on the top shelf 😀

  6. My wife download a bunch of photos onto this stick drive but they won't show up on either of my Mac computers that run 10.15. they will download onto her iPhone 11, and show that the files are on that stick drive but won't show up any any of our computers. When I click on the get info for the stick drive the format says it's MS-DOS Fat 32. Are we doing something wrong?

  7. What is the best app to use? The disk I have came with Y-disk it does not work for iOS 13 on iPad, it starts but gives error message disk not connected part way into file transfer

  8. Thank you, Gadget John! Your explanation of how to transfer photos to the external guide was most helpful!! Company that made my Photo Flash Drive had a booklet that I found IMPOSSIBLE to read on an iPhone 5S . . . I spent HOURS trying to figure it out. LUCKY for me, that I found your video!!

  9. Thanks my friend for this informative video.
    I bought it and it says on the package that i can lock it with a password, how can I do that?

  10. I just bought one of these but I can’t figure out how to open the bottom em. The lighting drive slides in and out fine but the other end won’t budge. What am I doing wrong, please?

  11. Hi John, I bought one of these for my ipad in the hope that I could use it to back up my music apps. All I use my ipad for is making music and video but because there's only a 32gb drive on it, when there's not enough space it sends apps that haven't been used recently to the icloud and unless you have internet connection, you can'y open the apps again until you do, which renders it useless as a mobile field recorder or even down my workshop which is just a bit too far away from my modem. Is there a way of telling the ipad / y-disc to use the y-disc as a default offload rather than the cloud? Cheers Gary

  12. I have a Samsung S10 and the socket is now made with rounded edges on both sides. This device is designed for old Androids. Can it be adapted? Thanks.

  13. what do i do when i accidentally delete the files on the g ting drive that makes it so i can use it on my iphone, is there any recovery files i can download? someone tell me by replying to this comment

  14. This does not seem to work on my Samsung S note 5. The red light will come on if I plug into my computer (Windows 10), but does not light up when plugged into my android cell phone. Please advise.

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