Eight year iPhone user switches to Android. Here's why.

Eight years of loyalty using Apple’s revolutionary mobile product finally came to an end for Justin. See why buying the next iPhone made little sense to him …

22 thoughts on “Eight year iPhone user switches to Android. Here's why.

  1. Oh haha make you apple jokes, I went from Samsung to APPLE. ITS WAY BETTER NOW!, I HAVE IPHONE 6S ROSEGOLD when I had android I always hated the emojis,camera,apps,and it trusts viruses easily

  2. i swear y r ppl so pissed wen some1 makes fun of apple or android i had both and i like d both of them

    if its goods for you then use it it dont matter if its android or apple

  3. Apple : You can do everything
    Also apple : You can't connect to other techs which are not made by apple
    Also apple : You can't connect some iPhones with other modern apple tech
    Apple : Pay 999 $ for monitor stand
    Apple finally: Pay over 1000 $ for everything and get the tech worth 1 $

    Apple fans : Wow Apple is soo good and it's ecosystem is lovely and user friendly

  4. Lots of Android fanboy comments in this thread. Never a good look, for either Apple or Android users. Both systems have their pros and cons. Apple chips are faster, this is not even debatable, and at the same time iOS is wasting that potential. The RAM thing, kind of a wash. You don't need to cram as much in if your software is optimized well. Android is more customizable and has flagships with better screens. Apple has native, carrier agnostic visual voicemail (How Goolge, how do you still not have this? Google Voice is just a workaround) and RCS (iMessage). Android phones have better fast charging options. A lot of Android phones have SD card storage. iPhone has better security and privacy (Google is comparable-ish on security for like 2 years then you're shit out of luck on updates, even on flagships). Price? Samsung is now up there with Apple with the S20U. Look, you can go back and forth all day, there is no need to blindly praise or denounce one or the other. Come up with your own requirements and get the phone that fits, and let others do the same. I tend to bounce around between both every couple years for this reason alone, and not some stereotype based decision.

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