FaceTime Bug Lets You Spy On iPhone Users

A new bug in Apple’s FaceTime app lets iPhone users listen in on the people they call β€” and can even see through their front-facing camera β€” without them picking up. Subscribe to HuffPost today:

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27 thoughts on “FaceTime Bug Lets You Spy On iPhone Users

  1. Breaking News.. Huffington Post sinks to New Low. Quoting a series of violent and racially-charged comments from the internet. Believing they have plausible deniability while using those comments as a ventriloquist's dummy.

  2. Apple knew of this. Google has been stockpiling information since it's inception. You are trying to convince people that this is a glitch? Right…

  3. But what they didn't tell you was that on IOS 12.1.3, they fixed this security hole, this wasn't intentional, and they fixed it right away!
    TLDR: Update your iPhone/iPad if you don't want this facetime bug to affect you!

  4. I noticed weird behavior on my new iPhone also had video and recorded voice after a facetime call that didn’t realize was when I tried to add another to original call and tapped screen to try save original video. But it must have later captured voices video not known it captured spied on them in car later.

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  7. The only bug here is the fact that they accidentally gave everyone the same backdoor access Apple has and sells to governments/corporations. You can expect the same from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, ect.
    Phones, Smart TV's, ect… Always listening, Always recording.

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