FiLMiC Pro Tutorial – Filming with iPhone & Android Camera Apps!

This FiLMiC Pro tutorial will get you great results filming with Android and iPhone camera apps, FAST! *** FiLMiC Pro [iOS]: — [Android]:

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FiLMiC Pro:
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32 thoughts on “FiLMiC Pro Tutorial – Filming with iPhone & Android Camera Apps!

  1. Just recorded a 30 min video. Yay! After that I found out that my iphone 6s capacity was full, nothing recorded:( How to do you prevent that. I had the settings on 4 K or shall I change it to 1080? Any ideas here…Great video, Justin, thanks!

  2. Hi.. Thanking you for sharing information but I wanted some more information through your video that is how to blur background while shooting videos. while shooting video I want to make the background full Blur I suggest you to upload video on this subject how to make your video background maximum Blur

  3. Justin do you know many functions like the exposure is no longer available in the year 2020? plus how to you manage to use the app? it eats up battery and storage like noone's business. the native cam app is still a winner to me.

  4. I know this is an older video but I wanted to ask before I downloaded this app; along the top of your cell phone screen in that last sequence of video it showed what appeared to be a magnifying-glass icon. Is this some sort of Zoom feature that's included in this app? Just curious.

  5. Can you PLEASE!!!!! Do a video on how to control the input on your external microphone for Android device.

    I watched your video and purchase the Boya m1 mic. This mic is always distorted and too loud on my Google Pixel phone. The input is always peeking and clipping.

    You suggested filmic pro as an app to control the input gain from my external mic. This app has absolutely NOTHING to fix this problem.
    Is it something that I'm doing wrong?

  6. How come nobody talks about the audio part of the software, all you have to do is turn it down to 44.1 and select AIFF, This cuts your memory consumption in half!

  7. Hey Justin, I am not a video guy, I have just a little knowledge of take still picture. Would you take me about the aperture setting which will affect the video quality or some kind of effect?

  8. I can't find alot of these setting on my pixel xl. ie all top settings on the top of the screen including the arrow you pressed is not availalbe and the menus are missing so many. I am using v 6.5.1

  9. I record alone. Any suggestions on how to set everything the best I can before I'm in frame?…When recording without any apps, my lights often wash me out because I have a more brown skintone.

  10. The settings that apply in the US versus Australia…I'll be visiting Australia for a month in March but returning to the states so I am thinking that I will film using the US settings. Correct?

    At the lower setting for FPS, why is there even a difference of one FPS (24vrs25 FPS) between the two countries? And if 30 is the US standard and 25 the Australian…why?

    I'm over seventy, slow witted but trying my hand at film making for the first time with my iPhone XR and a gimbal. I'm editing in FCPX, Audacity and Affinity. My gimbal has Filmic incorporated in the firmware. It's a brave new world for ne.

  11. At 1:36 I saw the option to change the aspect ratio. Does that actually change the ratio of the shot, or just add a crop-guide overlay? (I'm trying to find an Android app that lets you film in 1:1, like Clip on IOS does.) Thanks! 🙂

  12. Hey I just got filmic pro for my iPhone X. I have a boya bym1 and bymm1. I am using a cheap lightning splitter to get a 3.5mm audio port. The stock voice recorder and camera DO work with both however they don’t show up in filmic pro specifically. Any ideas?

  13. HELP: using filmic pro on the galaxy S9+ doesnt allow all of the features of the phone. We cant use the telephoto lens or shoot footage above 30 fps. I have reached out to samsung and filmic pro to no avail. Justin, can you please help with outreach in hopes that samsung will allow these features to be utilized on the far superior camera app? I know it would mean so much to so many people. Thanks

  14. Hey Justin, I am a semi pro athlete and currently film my sporting footage on an iPhone 6s. I was wondering what app would best allow me to rewind, slow down, cut paste, notes, on game footage?

  15. Is it better to buy both FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Remote App, if I were to be filming on my iPhone X? How can I use FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Remote together on my iPhone X?

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