FiLMiC Pro Tutorial: Shoot Video with iPhone and Android like a PRO!

Learn to shoot video with iPhone and Android like a PRO in this Complete FiLMiC Pro Tutorial! *** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! β–Ί Android: β–Ί iPhone:

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FiLMiC Pro:
β–Ί on iPhone:
β–Ί on Android:…

36 thoughts on “FiLMiC Pro Tutorial: Shoot Video with iPhone and Android like a PRO!

  1. I am clicking the square and circle on where I want to focus, but whether I’m recording or not I see absolutely no difference between the background and where its supposed to be focusing.

  2. Does it support BT mic for ext mic mixing ? Does it support time/date stamp on the vdo screen for live screens ? Is there a way for remote control of all buttons with a remote phone w/ same apP>

  3. Would love an updated and much more fleshed out tutorial on this, just bought the app on your recommendation, Open Camera was a little buggy too and I also wanted to be able to save presets rather than set up my shot everytime I reopen the app. But I can see some of Filmic Pro has changed such as focus/exposure locking for example, not enough changes to justify a whole new video although in this video there was a lot of controls unmentioned, such as the smaller pull speed sliders and ISO BIAS settings within the larger sliders in the exposure and focus interface. Between your videos and the super handy descriptions in the Open Camera settings, I was able to find out and understand what all the settings were but with Filmic I'm a bit lost

  4. thanks for sharing the info, really useful stuff as usual. i'm glad I stumbled upon this app while searching for a decent vlogging camera and now I dont need to buy one hopefully this app will be enough to take my videos to the next level for the time being.

  5. Justin, question. I use my iPhone 10 for video using OBS-Studio. OBS-studio has an iOS program for the camera that works through USB. Question is if I wanted to take my iPhone feed directly into say iMove or Final Cut Pro how would I get my macmini to see my phone w/o having to get a capture card? More specifically doing this through Catalina. No iTunes.

  6. Thanks for the video. I am researching Filmic Pro and thinking of purchasing it. Do you know the highest bitrate for 720p of filmic pro? I am always using 720p to save space but 720p for Samsung is only 9 Mbps. I would like to know the bitrate of filmic pro for 720p at highest setting.

  7. Jason thanks for the video. I have some questions.
    -my videos go straight to my photos. I am having trouble airdropping from my iphone to my ipad where I do my editing? I edit in imovie.

  8. Nice video! Just a question! I record with android and have an ipad to mirror. Which app to use? Also have an android tablet just in case. Thanks in advance

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