Get iPhone X Features on ANY iPhone!

Get The Best iPhone X Features & Gestures on ANY Old iPhone! Quick Multitasking, Lock Screen Shortcuts, App Switcher & More!

Make Your 6S/6 LOOK Like iPhone X:

Fluid Enabler DL:
Electra JB Tool:
Filza Escaped DL:
ZipApp DL:

Developer of this tweak:

47 thoughts on “Get iPhone X Features on ANY iPhone!

  1. After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended ๐†๐€๐Œ๐„๐…๐Ž๐‘๐“.๐๐‘๐Ž and it worked perfectly for me

  2. ใ€ใ€ใ€ใ“ใ‚Œใใ‚‰ใ„ใ ใฃใŸใ‹ใชใจๆ€ใ†่‡ชๅˆ†ใ‚ณใƒณใƒˆใƒญใƒผใƒซใ ใ‘ใฉใญใชใ‚“ใงใ‚นใƒฏใ‚คใƒ—ใฃใฆใชใ‚“ใ ใ“ใฎ็™ฝใ„็™ฝใ„็ด™ใซไธ€ๅกŠๅ›ž

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