GoPro Hero 9 5K Footage Not Compatible With iPhone/iPad & Workaround

Hero 9 Black (USA)
Hero 9 Black (CAN)
One of the new features of the Hero 9 Black is it can now film in 5K 30FPS unfortunately this new 5K format is not compatible with iOS products such as the iPhone or iPad. The iPhone and iPad are more than capable of playback & editing 5K footage but its just a limitation of iOS. However, if you are a mobile editor like myself there is an easy workaround that allows you to import your GoPro 5K footage and…

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  1. I have transferred my 5k video from GoPro to the GoPro app then transferred it to /on my iPad in files ..then opened LumaFusion/files..the video is there but its in 3840 ,,,2160 ,,could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong..thanks

  2. This was very helpful. Do you or anyone here find using the GoPro app on your iPad Pro usueful for much if you use SD card readers? Also, I have had some luck copying from the GoPro with a usbc to usbc cable. Still working through the best way to do this. Maybe SD card it seems. Thank you!

  3. Awesome! Personally I don't care much for apple products. As long as my Non apple PC can edit the GoPro data(which it does well) then it's all good here💖

  4. Hi Shawn, quick question; after editing a 5k video in this way, would you be able to upload directly to youtube from that app (and preserve 5k quality)? Or do you have to save it to the camera roll in order to upload—which down converts it again to 4k?

  5. I try and IMPORT my 4k 60 footage from my gopro 9 black to my 2018 ipad using the sd card method, but it only imports like every other one, and it won't import but just a couple videos out of 4. Do you have anything on this??. Thank you

  6. My question is when I try to film something on my GoPro hero 9 and I want to view it on my phone at the same time while it’s recording, it says video is unavailable. What do I do?

  7. I wish GoPro gave us 4k 60ps with superview… I mean it is an action camera, and I want higher frame rate for shots I render in slow motion… I was content with 4k, 5k, only good for zooming into the shot with lumafusion.

  8. Stay away from GoPro Hero9 as it is not compatible with 3.5mm Mic Adapter. So we can not use our own microphone but we have to use gopro's media mod. GoPro does not want us to use our own microphone. they disabled the support to use adapter with the latest firmware 1.21. Be carefull guys.

  9. I think the main reason for 5k is if you anticipate cropping the video in post production and you need that quality to zoom in and not look pixely. Otherwise it’s a bit of an overkill for regular footage.

  10. All ur videos are very helpful I love that u get straight to the point n u r very professional I always come to u for any info I need I know ur hands very well thank u for everything u do

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