GOPRO video editing on iPHONE 2019

GOPRO video editing on IPHONE 2019 (SPLICE APP)

I’ve been getting a bunch of DM’s lately on how to edit gopro footage on you phone so I did some research and found this free app called Splice app (not sponsored). I’ve been editing on Premiere Rush and found that you can’t slo down your footage. On the splice app you have the ability to quite simply slo down clips, trim highlights and add in some pretty…

22 thoughts on “GOPRO video editing on iPHONE 2019

  1. Hi Jake. I have been watching your videos recently and I want to ask some questions on how to start vlogging. The editing and all that is what I need. I tried to look for your email to directly message you but I can't find one. I don't know if I miss it but I will definitely appreciate it if you send it to me and help me. Thank you

  2. When I try edit my GoPro video and import it to my phone and try edit it it doesn’t come up on the splice camera roll any solutions?

  3. How do you upload videos from the iPhone to YouTube at the same quality? Whenever I edit on my iPhone and upload it to YouTube, the quality of the video ends up looking bad. I’m using the gopro hero 7 black.

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