GPS Audio Tour Guide App (iPhone) – iGuidU

iGuidU, the global GPS-based audio tour guide app offers:

– AUDIO TOURS of sights all over the world!
– NAVIGATE with the built-in map and GPS
– SAVE MONEY you’d spend on guided tours and books
– OVER 520.000 sights, monuments, and points of interest!
-EXPERIENCE the world your own terms!
– GLOBAL: points of interest literally all across the world!

Travel and experience on your own terms! No need to adjust to other people on your…

2 thoughts on “GPS Audio Tour Guide App (iPhone) – iGuidU

  1. i don't own ios, but wondering is this idea really fuition yet? if yes, why not support Android? i was dreaming about this solution for years.

  2. If this was worth anybody time it would be on Android. To leave out the biggest smart phone OS really shows lack of business sense.

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