He THREW his iPhone in the RIVER (Magic goes wrong)

Man stunned to silence when magician ACTUALLY throws his phone into the River during a trick.

You won’t believe how he recovers.

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35 thoughts on “He THREW his iPhone in the RIVER (Magic goes wrong)

  1. His friends are making fool of this man. They are cooperating with the magician. He didn't throw the phone to the river. In fact towards opposite side.

  2. awesome…I think Its so  idiotic everytime someone comments "fake" about any magic trick, duh !! Obviaasly its fake, all magic is fake and surely  we all know that…but we dont always know how it s faked and we are often immensely entertained and excited in the process of watching the act… This trckwas an ABSOLUTE success and the performer  totally built the drama and suspense and tension…making the volunteer truly think that he trick had faled at hs expense…yet salvaging victory from the jaws of defeat at he ver final instant…ABSOLUTE WINNER…awesomesauce…anyone who says ths trick s fake is making a totally DOOFUS commet and comletely misses the point of magic.

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