How to add music and audio in iMovie iOS (iPhone/iPad)

How to add music and audio in iMovie iOS (iPhone/iPad)

High quality video NEEDS high quality audio to complete the audio visual experience, so in this video, I tell you everything you need to know about adding and editing audio and music in your iMovie iOS projects.

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32 thoughts on “How to add music and audio in iMovie iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Hello Pete! Hope you’re doing fine. I have a question for you. When I’m trying to import audios from Google drive, the app doesn’t allow me to, as It appear a little bit opaque, grayish, just like some audios of yours shown in this video. Do you know why is this for and what can I do to change it? Thank you so much, hope I made myself clear.

  2. Yo, this guy isn't getting what alot of people are saying. I just figured it out though. You have to trim the music to the point you want it to start FIRST. Obviously you'll see that the track ends abruptly, but it actually doesn't! Once you have the music to the starting point you want, EXTEND THE END POINT. I noticed no one was helping with that specific concern, so there you go, my friends!

  3. Thanks soooo much for your video. I just recently have had the opportunity to get back into my YouTube channel. I have many videos already but at this point I feel I need to make my videos more appealing. I feel your instructions are on point. I’ve watched other editing videos but fortunately for me you focus on imovie on the iPhone itself. I have subscribed to your channel. Hopefully you can check mine out and possibly check out one or two videos. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Pete! Is it possible to detach the audio and video in one section (I did this) and then remove the video but not the audio? I wanted to insert different video/photo but keep the audio….

  5. Hi Pete and everyone else, just wondering with iMovie. Does anyone have the same problem – a song I put on iMovie and it only goes to 2:30 long. Is there a hidden special trick to this, as I’m trying to create a music album to put up on YouTube Thx and Cheers – Ash

  6. Hi, Pete! I want to use a studio microphone to record audio to get better quality when I record video. Are there any simple ways to synchronise audio from a studio microphone with a video clip.

  7. I'm making a slide show of pictures/videos set to music. I want to add 1 song after another, but every time I add a song it adds it to the beginning of my iMovie (instead of where my play head is located). So then I have 2 songs playing at the same time… I guess I can drag it to where I want it, but is there another way? I'm going to have like 8 songs by the time I'm done with the 25 minute movie and that's a long way to drag each song.

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