How to Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to iPhone 7

If you’re upgrading to the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or even an iPhone 5 to an iPhone SE, this guide will help you back up your information and restore it to your new device. I walk you through using iCloud backup and show you how it all works.
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50 thoughts on “How to Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to iPhone 7

  1. Hi I know im a bit late but hopefully you reply , So when you buy a new phone and get a new sim card and you out it in the new phone when you wign in using icloud do you have the same number and contacts aswell?

  2. How long should the whole process take?
    Because ive started restoring my phone since 12:45 PM and now it’s 18:13 PM and not all my apps are downloaded
    I had to delete some and download again so that the download would go faster
    Fyi im restoring the same phone

  3. Hallo! i can’t move all my data to my icloud, otherwise am already purchase 200gb of icloud. My iphone storage contains 63gb but after i back up , it just moved 2gb of 64gb to the icloud. How can i solve this problem? Thankyouu ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thank you SOOOO much for this tutorial, I am a total idiot with technology and with my new phone being delivered today and my pc dying last night I was in despair!!! I always transfer my data via my pc and iTunes, so I scoured the internet for help, so hard to understand…… then I found you! Thank you, you made it so bloody easy to understand you are a total star! My new phone is up and running and all data on it! Marry me?🤣🤣🤣 cheers mate ( Jo- Techno idiot from England)

  5. once i back up everything, can i reset the old phone???? or will everything be deleted from back up? i'm trying to sell my old phone

  6. How can i load a backup from my old iphone to my new iphone, because i already setted up my new one. And now i dont know how to get the backup on the new one. Please help me

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