How to CUSTOMIZE iPhone on iOS 12! (No Jailbreak)

How to CUSTOMIZE iPhone without Jailbreak iOS 12!

Here’s a tutorial on how to customize your iPhone without the need of a jailbreak on iOS 12.1.2 and below! We’ll run through how to get blank icons, how to get an invisible dock & more!

Invisible Dock:
Blank icons:
Face ID icons:

Were you able to customize your device? What else would you like to be able to do without a jailbreak?

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20 thoughts on “How to CUSTOMIZE iPhone on iOS 12! (No Jailbreak)

  1. Will not allow me to do it. Cannot "save image" of the red one as an example. The only options I get are: Open in New Tab, Add to Reading List, Copy and Share. Running 12.1 XS Max

  2. If you need help with the home screen option, I just added it as a bookmark, give it a random name. Exit then go to safari and go to the book thingy then you click on your bookmark and it works!

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