How to Edit Videos on iPhone & iPad (LumaFusion Tutorial!)

Learn how to edit videos on iPhone & iPad in this step-by-step LumaFusion Tutorial for iOS! **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone!

42 thoughts on “How to Edit Videos on iPhone & iPad (LumaFusion Tutorial!)

  1. Is this a paid app ? If it is what is the current price of the application? Because I sold my iPhone 6 and going to buy a new one so I am searching the best mobile editing app for iphone. And I'm going to do my edits straight from my iphone!

  2. Good program yet it will really be stellar once they add the ability to stabilize video and copy and paste clip! Fyi it’s currently on sale for 14.99.

  3. I just loaded LumaFusion and when I go to get the free music to add to my timeline it only shows iTunes. It the royalty free music no longer available? If so how do I get to that

  4. As soon as I read your newsletter in my inbox I knew it would lead to a LumaFusion tutorial. I've had this app for a good few weeks and love it. It has the simplicity of imovie but a lot more powerful and works really good on my iPad pro. Only problem I have with your videos is they're addictive and I'm sometimes watching them till 3 in the morning. 🙂 A real game changer for my YouTube channel coming soon. Thanks Justin!

  5. Love the content, my question to u is. Do u save ur footage from filmic pro to ur camera roll, or do u import so u don’t lose quality. do it really make a difference saving video to ur native camera roll? What’s best to get great quality from filmic pro. That’s appreciate ur channel, keep the great content coming.

  6. Hey Justin you know what is so frustrating about watching the video. When I go to my ipad screen the things you are talking about are not there. I do not see 3 dots for example. I want to follow the tutorial but it is frustrating when what you show is not what I see.

  7. I have 4 Youtube channels all filmed with my iPhone 6s Plus and edited with iMovie. Obviously is not Adobe Premier or Avid (which I also have) but is simple, good enough and free…
    I filmed all using the camera app and I just started with Filmic pro (spent £30)
    I think if I want something better I’d import files to my computer and I’ll use Premier…
    However, if I only had an IPad most probably I’d get it.

  8. I was able to upload to YouTube from video editor form a ho laptop and now I I can’t – it comes up with something about uploader – not sure if you can help – thank you

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