How To Edit Videos On Your iPhone? (Tutorial)

How To Edit Videos On Your iPhone? – In this video I will show you how to edit videos on your iPhone using iMovie that comes pre-installed with the iPhone. This is a free application that can help you to create videos whether they are for youtube, weddings, vacations, film, or whatever your creativity desires. If you found this video helpful, please be sure to go ahead and share it with a friend and leave it a thumbs up. Any questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to go ahead and…

32 thoughts on “How To Edit Videos On Your iPhone? (Tutorial)

  1. Nick, this was great! Just launched our business Honeycomb Printable Preschool and getting going on Pinterest and Instagram and YouTube. Your video was so helpful – way easier than I thought. I’ll be watching the rest of your videos! Thanks!

  2. Very helpful but Im an Old Dinosaur So it would help if U Could Slow Down A Bit Please🙏🏼Ur obviously super knowledgeable about all this but for someone like me thats totally clueless I Wish U Could Slow Down A Bit So I Could Better Keep Up! Otherwise Great Tutorial Thanks👍🏼

  3. Not much help to me. I was interviewed for a segment on our local news TV channel.which was broadcast during the 11 o'clock news last night. I recorded it on my iPhone, but I want to edit out the couple minutes BEFORE "my" segment began. This tutorial makes no mention of that, plus Mr. Ackerman talks so fast while flipping through the different options that it was difficult to keep up with him. Now I gotta search for another tutorial that teaches me what I clicked on this one to learn. #17 on the thumbs down icon.

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