How To Edit With Adobe Premiere Rush (On Your iPhone or iPad)

How to edit with Adobe Premiere Rush (On Your iPhone) /// At this year’s Adobe Max Conference. Adobe unveiled to the world its new mobile/desktop editing app Adobe Premiere Rush. Adobe Premiere Rush is the mobile video editing app we have all been waiting for. Ease of use, amazing motion graphic templates, tools for color, audio and export to your favorite social channels like YouTube or Facebook. In this video, I take you through an editing project first hand, show you the ins and outs of…

15 thoughts on “How To Edit With Adobe Premiere Rush (On Your iPhone or iPad)

  1. This is a very helpful video. Thank you! One suggestion I would make on future tutorials is to slow down a bit and direct us to the part of the screen you are referring to. For example, on one part you say "click the x button" but you did it so fast, I had to go back and study the screen carefully to figure out what you were talking about. This happened several times in the video. If you had said, "Next to the scissors on the bottom row, you will see a little double box with a plus sign on it. Click there." Likewise, when you were going to find music, you said to click on the plus sign, but which one did you mean? If you had said, "Click on the blue plus sign on the left side of the bottom row," I wouldn't have had to rewind the video to figure it out. 🙂 Just a suggestion.

  2. Thank you for all of this wonderful information!
    I'm @pope_models on IG, and going to the Summit in Las Vegas.
    I'll look you/your team up, and again thanks for this video tutorial!

  3. Great Vid! Two quick question: 1) My RUSH didn’t come with all the adobe stock options I see in your video for titles…maybe only 10% of what yours has. How did you find all those adobe stock titles? 2) Can you can you manually fade the audio in and out? I haven’t figure out how to to, just been exporting and opening in iMovie on my iPhone to fade audio in and out of the fully rendered. Thanks!

  4. Thanks! Great tutorial! Only problem for me is that the export doesn’t work…. Rendering sort of freezes at the end of the rendering process.. very frustrating..

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