How to hack Anygame on Jailbroken Iphone/ipod, [DRAGONVALE]

Hey guys this video is how to hack dragonvale, but works on any game. It’s simple, download the app i say, then purchase coins, &you will get for free. works still, 2012 may. Hope you enjoy, LINK FOR THE SOURCE IS [HTTP://APT.XSELLIZE.COM/
Hack games on iphone Jailbroken. WORKS 2013! Hack anygame on Iphone/ipod/ipad not patched

41 thoughts on “How to hack Anygame on Jailbroken Iphone/ipod, [DRAGONVALE]

  1. Hey guys I got 200 modpoints using this code 167971 and it is available only upto 3rd July so hurry up and get ur 200 modpoints and enjoy hacking your fav game

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  3. I have a jailbroken ipod and if people give me there gamecenter account i can give them 50k and 50 thousand dragon food and 50 thousand gems no lie just add me this is my gamecenter account: PDIDDY:) the smiley face is part of it and after u add me send a message sayin ur gamecenter account .

  4. Hey thanks for the reply, it's possible when you have installous to get apps for free without purchasing, so if you have installous it won't charge, if you want to be 101% sure, go to where it shows your balance of Money (itunes credit) If you have $0 then it worked!!!

  5. I just did this and it's working on a hunting game i was playing and then i tried buying A game off the app store and it didn't ask me for my code or any thing. Have u been able to that on yours? I don't want it charging me if u could reply back

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