How-To Hack Your Hotel TV with S8 / Note 8 or iPhone!

In a hotel and want to cast the pictures & video on your phone to your room TV?

I’ll show you the secret code that will work on most hotel TVs (Samsung).

The this code and AllCast you will be casting in minutes.

I am showing you how to do this in cast you forgot to bring your normal casting device such an Apple TV or GoogleCast.

With great power comes great responsibility. Please do not misuse this information.

9 thoughts on “How-To Hack Your Hotel TV with S8 / Note 8 or iPhone!

  1. After entering the hospitality menu once, the hôtel front-end stopped working, being entirely replaced by the Samsung Smart TV splash logo + source selection menu. At least I could stream music via Bluetooth from it, but for some reason it still didn't detect my Switch plugged on HDMI. So I gave up and rebooted the TV, but now I'm stuck in the source selection screen on boot. How can I reenable the hotel front-end? Both Hospitality mode values of Standalone and Interactive give the same result. I tried the higher level menu with Power Off then Info, Settings, Mute, Power On but to no avail. If I can't revert I'll have to find a good explanation of how this happened for the hotel…

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