How To Hide Apps On iPhone X!

Hey guys! Here’s a little trick to hide your apps on the iPhone X! Hope you enjoy it 🙂
If you have any issues with it, do let me know in the comments down below!
How To Hide Apps on iOS 11 (Other iPhones):
How To Hide All Apps on iOS 11! :
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28 thoughts on “How To Hide Apps On iPhone X!

  1. Guys, if it doesnt work, try doing this: Tap and hold on any till it starts wiggling around, and then say “Hey Siri” and move the app around. It should work.

  2. Bro if i hide the photos app on siri is it mean its save? I mean no one from apple or anyone can see the photos i mean it won’t be posted cus i did it today and am afraid that i posted all of my pics on siri or something

  3. Works only on the first app but soon as you hide another app, the first app you hid will reappear. That's because the jiggling of any app afterwards brings back the previously hidden app.

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