How To Install Windows XP On iPhone 7 No Jailbreak!

In this video I show you how to install windows XP on the iPhone! This works for iOS 10.2.1 and below. You do not need a jailbreak to get windows on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. This is real! You can get windows xp on your iPhone and use things like microsoft paint and more!

Full Windows XP Walkthough:

Windows XP:

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36 thoughts on “How To Install Windows XP On iPhone 7 No Jailbreak!

  1. How can I install windows 8.1/10 from my iPhone to laptop/?Or, How can I use my iPhone as bootable derive for the installation of windows 8.1/10?🤔

  2. I have an app on my pc that is ibox app on pc and I can put isos on it and transform it on img files and it works(I tried on my ibox app) I teach how to do this but it haves a price(not real money lol),just contact me on this comment(just put the gb you want and the system(Me,98,etc) and it works with Windows 95 to windows XP
    Obs:The windows xp is very slow on iphone 5s,I'm with Iphone 5s and it works fine with windows 98se,I installed kernelex on it and now I'm playing gamejolt undertale fan battles like underswap sans

  3. I get this error :

    Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate: self signed certificate in certificate chain

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